Health tips:
  • drink lots of water .specially when you woke up early in the morning drink bottle water without doing brush. it will do lot effect.
  • As winter is running ,cold will attack soon to our body,to avoid this add ginger to ur regular tea.
Beauty tips:
  • For dead skin removal: make tomato as paste and mix tsp honey apply it on face and neck. if you do it often your dead skin will go out.
  • For Tan removal: take orange fruit ,peel off the outer layer and make a paste with inner part add tsp honey.apply on face,hands,neck for 10to15min.remove it with it twice a will get good result.
  • For legs: take the riped banana make a paste apply it to legs,wash it after half an hour.if you do it regularly scratches will go out.and will become smooth.
  • For legs: Take rose water and glycerin in equal quantity apply it to is best remedy for scratches.
  • For face: cut tomato into half ,take one piece dip it in sugar,apply cirularly on cleaned face. wash it after 10min with cold water and apply moisturiser,then your face will become very smooth.
  • For smooth skin:  take 2spn yoghurt,1spn honey,little amount of banana paste,mix it and massage all over the face.wash it after 15min,your skin will be very smooth.
  • For Neck: if your skin on neck got dark,apply apricot scrub once a week.
  • conditioner: take banana paste and honey,mix it and apply on face,wash it after 15min,it acts as good conditioner.
  • For dark circles: if you are suffering with dark circles round the eyes,apply potato juice on the dark it regularly.
  • For fresh face: when you are going to attend a function you want your face to be fresh. here is the tip to look fresh,add 1spn milk powder,1spn besan flour make a paste with little milk apply to face wash it after 15min.

Kitchen tips:
  • dont put onions and potatoes in a same bowl,it will spoil soon.
  • If you have leftover chapathi's prepared before the day,use it by heating with butter,it will taste good.
  • cut both edges of carrot and store it in refrigerator itwill be fresh for long time.
  • For sugar: If ants are attcking sugar every time in the kitchen,here is the best tip,take 4cloves put it in sugar. check it  out.
  • For clean mirror: take 2spn corn flour,2spn water,mix it and apply coating on the mirror .after 10min clean with newspaper.mirror gets rid of dirt and will shine.
  • while frying onions add little salt,onions will fry soon.
  • For stains: If your pan is not getting stain free,add 1/2cup venigar,l1/2piece juice lime and water,boilit.your pan will get stainftree.
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