Friday, October 14, 2011

onion rings

Onion rings is perfect snack item,which is simple and quick one. I prefer simple and quick one's on week days.when it comes to saturday and sunday i will try if they are time taking and have a heavy process.

I have made simple version of onion rings,you can add garam masala powder,cheese to it.


  • 1medium size onion
  • 1cup maida(plain flour)
  • 1/2cup corn flour
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2tsp red chillipowder
  • 1egg
  • 1tsp semilona
  • oil for deep fry

  1. put oil for deep fry.cut onion into ring shape.take out single rounds seperately.
  2. mix all ingrediants except oil,if it is thick add little water.Dip the onion rings into batter,place it on oil. deep fry bothsides.
  3. onion rings are ready to serve.

goruchikkudu pesara koora(clusterbean greengram curry)

Cluster bean or gawar beans or goruchikkudu is rich in vitamins and proteins. Making the curry invloves cooking clusterbean pieces then seasoning it with onions,moongdal then bhuna chana powder(putnala podi).

  • 250g clusterbeans
  • 1small cup soaked
  • 1onion chopped
  • 2tsp bhunachana powder
  • 1tsp redchilli powder
  • 1tsp dhaniya powder
  • 1tsp gingergarlic paste
  • salt to taste
  • 2tsp oil
  • 1/2tsp mustard seeds
  • 1/2tsp cumin seeds

  1. cut clusterbeans into pieces. cook this in water for 10min.when beans are cooked well strain out the water.
  2. tkae oil in a pan addustard,cumin seeds when it splutters add onion pieces ,ginger garlic paste fry it well. now add soaked moongdal and fry for a min.
  3. now add cooked beans add redchilli,dhaniya powder,salt fry for 5min,sprinkle bhuna chana powder mix it.serve hot

Egg French Toast

Egg French Toast is a quick breakfast recipe.It is prepared easily.

  • 8   bread slices
  • 4 eggs
  • salt to taste
  • red chilli or pepper powder
  • 2tsp butter or ghee

    1. Roast bread slice on a pan with butter both sides
    2. pour egg,salt,pepper or chilli powder in a bowl,whisk it. Dip the roasted bread slices in the egg place it on a pan.
    3. fry bothsides and take out. do the same process with all the slices
    4. Egg French Toast is ready.

    ragi oats dosa

    Ragi and oats are rich in fiber and nutrition. These two are healthy ingrediants and gives great taste. this is simple and easy to make. Instantly prepared and served.
    Preparation of ragi oats dosa is easy. just mix ragi flour,curd,oats,salt and soda mix it. Keep for 10min, then pour and make dosa. If you want it to be spicy add green chillies ,curry leaves,coriander leaves to it.
    • 1cup oats
    • 1cup curd
    • 1/2cup ragiflour
    • salt to taste
    • baking soda(optional)
    • 2tsp oil


      1. mix all the ingrediants except oil in a bowl set aside for 10min.The batter should be not too thick or thin. iIf it is thin add ragi flour,if it is thick add little water to it.
      2. heat the pan,pour the big spoon of batter and spread it roundly with laddle.spread little oil
      3. flip another side and fry it.take into serving plate.serve with any chutney or sauce.

      Wednesday, October 12, 2011

      7 cups sweet

      7cup sweet,sounds crazy...when i heard about this,this came to my mind. But sounds very interesting.This recipe was told by my athama.She made it when we went to hometown. When i tasted this,i thought i must try this when i go back. so,here is the time come to make this sweet.

      It is very simple to make and lasts for a week. 7 cups sweet is simple to measure too. It contains 1cup beasan flour,1cup milk,1cup ghee,1cup grated coconut,3cups sugar,and 1spn elachi powder. mixing all these ingrediants in a pan.stir continously until ghee floats on top. make sure stir continously so that it would not get burnt on the bottom. Pour this on a greased plate. cut into pieces when it gets cooled. thats it. 7cups sweet is ready.


      • 1cup besan flour
      • 1cup milk
      • 1cup ghee
      • 3cups sugar
      • 1cup grated coconut
      • 1spn elaichi powder

      1. Mixing all the ingrediants and pour on a pan stri continously.
      2. when ghee comes out,pour it on a ghee greased plate.
      3. make pieces when it gets cooled.7cups sweet is ready.
      Sending this to the event

      ‘Only’- Event for October and the Giveaway hosted by pari


        jalebi is a sweet recipe,you can find it in any part of india.Jalebi is orange in colour and has chewy texture and sweet in taste.It is prepared mainly on festival or occasionally.

        • !cup maida(plain flour)
        • 1cup curd
        • 1/4cup corn flour
        • pinch saffron colour
        • pinch baking soda
        • 1cup sugar
        • oil for deep fry

        1. Mix plain flour,corn flour,baking soda,saffron clour with lumps should be there.set aside for 6hours.
        2. make sugar syrup by adding 1cup of water. It should be one thick consistency. not too thin or thick.
        3. put oil for deep fry. 
        4. pour the batter in a zip pouch close it,make a small hole at the end.
        5. pour round circles in oil,fry it both sides.take it out and dip in the sugar syrup.
        6. place it for a minute and take to serving plate.

        Tuesday, October 11, 2011

        simple paneer gravy

        paneer is a dairy product prepared by curding milk using lime or vinegar. It used in many forms like snacks,sweets,curries. With paneer we can make lot of recipes.Any recipe with paneer looks rich and delicious.

        • 250gms paneer
        • 2onions medium size(chopped into cubes)
        • 2 tomatoes(chopped into cubes)
        • 4 cloves
        • 1 cinnamon
        • 8-10 cashew nuts
        • 2 green chillies(long slit)
        • 1tsp red chilli powder
        • 1tsp dhaniya powder
        • 1 tsp garam masalapowder
        • 1/2cup milk
        • salt to taste
        • oil


        1. Heat oil in a pan for deep fry,add paneer cubes and deep fry it.when it turns golden brown colour,remove it.
        2. take out excess oil in the pan,to the remaining oil add cloves,cinnamon,onions,cashews,green chilliesfry it well.then add tomatoes and fry for 2-3 min in high flame.
        4. take all these ingrediants and blend into smooth paste in a blender.
        5. Put this paste on the pan cook it by adding little water.add all the spices,salt ,milk and cook well.
        6. Add paneer and cook for another  5min. take into serving plate. Garnish with chopped corianderleaves.
        7. have it with chapati or rice.

          califlower pakora

          Califlowder pakora is snack variety.It is perfect in the evening with tea. There are many types of pakora's present. Most of the vegetables can be used in making pakora. Califlower gives a different taste,preparation is also very easy.

          • 1cup califlower florets
          • 1/2cup besan flour
          • 1tsp red chilli powder
          • salt to taste
          • pinch baking soda
          • oil for deep fry


            1. Half boil the califlower florets.remove water through strainer.
            2. make bajji batter by mixing besan flour,red chillipowder,salt,baking soda with water.
            3. put oil for deep fry,when oil gets heated dip florets in batter and place on the oil.
            4. repeat the same process with all the florets.
            5. take into tissue paper.Califlower pakora is ready to eat.

            sweetlime juice(Mosambi juice)

            Sweet lime is a very simple drink,whch can be prepared in 5min. Sweetlime is very popular fruit.It can be consumed directly bye peeling off the outer layer. It belongs to citrus fruit list like lime. But it gives sweet in taste.
            It helps reducing temperature of body and low in fat.It can be consumed daily.


            • 3big sweetlime
            • 1tsp sugar or honey

            1. Using using citrus squeezer extract juice from the fruit removing seeds.
            2. add honey or sugar to it.mix it well. 
            3. sweet lime juice or mosambi juice is ready to drink.

            Monday, October 10, 2011

            carrot pakora

            making of caarrot pakora is simple and easy.It is quick snack which can be prepared in less than 15min.


            • 1carrot
            • 2tsp plain flour
            • 1tsp corn flour
            • 2tsp besan flour
            • 1/2tsp red chilli powder
            • pinch baking soda
            • 1/2tsp chat masala
            • salt to taste
            • oil for deep fry
            • toothpicks

            1. put oil for deep fry. peel the carrot into long slices with the help of peeler.
            2. take a bowl add all flours,red chilli powder,salt,baking soda,pour water and make bajji batter.
            3. take tooth pick and put sliced carrots into toothpick,dip into bajji batter takeout and put in oil.
            4. fry it for a min and take onto tissue paper.
            5. Do the same process with other carrot slices.
            6. spread chat masala and serve hot.
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