Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fried yoghurt

Yoghurt contains good bacteria which is needed for the healthiest body. Yoghurt helps in digestion .
It can be used as dessert,by adding water we can make buttermilk,it is also used in various cuisines to improve the taste.
Now i am going to prepare a snack variety which is quick and easier one. Yo dont have to go out and shop needs for this. It can be made with the items which are regularly present in our kitchen.

The preparation of fried yoghurt follows:


  • 2cups yoghurt
  • 2tsp besan flour
  • 2tsp plain flour or maida
  • 1tsp corn flour
  • salt to taste
  • baking soda pinch
  • oil for deep fry

  1. mix all ingrediants except oil and yoghurt in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add yoghurt to it and make it like thick batter.
  3. put oil for deep fry,when it gets heated pour in with hand on to oil with any shape.
  4. deep fry it. take it onto serving plate.
  5. fried yoghurt is ready to eat with mint or green chutney.
Sending this to the event winter carnival


    Arti said...

    This is very unique to me... Will try it out, looks Yummy:)
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

    Prasanthi Viswanadh said...

    never heard about this.....interesting......will definetely try...

    julie said...

    A unique and crisp fried,lovely!!

    Sush said...

    Hi thanks for visiting my blog and glad u liked the post looks like I need lot of help from ur blog
    Gr8 recipes there

    Balvinder ( Neetu) said...

    Don't you have your food buzz account active now because I tried going there but was unsuccessful. Are you the same Kranti who visited my blog sometime back. I am following you Dear to share our recipes.Fried yogurt is a new thing for me but interesting enough to try.

    Uma said...

    Very very new to me. Never heard and think about frying yogurt. But the outcome is perfect and looks tempting.

    MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

    Oh,Luv this Fried Yoghurt recipe Dear.Inviting picture too.

    Nandini said...

    Wow! That's a great recipe! Yum!

    Nalini's Kitchen said...

    Hi Kranthi,
    Thanks for dropping by and your words,following you dear.Fried yogurt looks delicious and inviting.

    DV said...

    Never heard of this! Looks delicious! :)

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