Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Rasgulla and gulab jamun are my all time favourite sweets. I would love to eat it at any time. It gives you heavenly taste.
Rasgulla is a sweet conaining sugar syrup with white ball made of panner. It is white and smooth texture. Most of the people think that making of rasgulla is difficult and requires much time. That's not true.If you do it with bit of concentration and careful it is easy.

Making sugar syrup is easy and if you have done making paneer at home then it is damn easy to you. If you are doing for first time,then also no problem.see the procedure and follow it exactly. you will definetely make it.

  • 1trr milk
  • 1tsp lemon juice or venigar
  • 1cup sugar
  • 2cardamom crushed
  1. take milk in a pan boil it.when it comes to boiling stage,add lemon juice to it.put the flame in sim.
  2. you will mik curdling and waterand white solid is getting seperated.
  3. take a muslin cloth drain out water completely,and tie the cloth folding the paneer or koya inside it on tap or any high place.Leave it for 3-4hours.
  5. Take out koya from the cloth put on floor and rub it with hand on neat place.
  6. Koya will get smooth texture now make small balls as shown in pic with koya.
  7. make sugar syrup by adding 1cup of water and add a cardamom.
  8. place the balls on syrup and cook for 15min,so that balls will absorb sugar syrup.
  9. cool it to room temperature,you can have it now or put in refrigerator for 2-3hours and have cool rasgulla's.
I am sending this recipe to khushi's blog(A girl's diary),for the Event : My Diwali My way


Anisha said...

I love rasgulla's. This looks yummy!

Sensible Vegetarian said...

This looks simply awesome,first time here and you have a lovely space. Please stop by when time permits www.sensibleveg.com.

Arti said...

Looks delicious! I Have a sweet tooth:)
Will try these out for sure.
Have a fabulous week ahead, Happy Navratri:)

sriramnivas said...

Never knew that making Rasgullas is so easy. Will tell my mom to make this recipe for me. Keep making more recipes and we are ready to take tips from u.........master chef.

kranthi said...

thanks for the comment. have a gr8 day.

magiceye said...


dassana | veg recipes of india said...

you have a cute space here. have tried rasgullas a couple of times adding maida/refined flour to it. i liked the way you have made the rasagullas without adding any maida.

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