Monday, October 3, 2011

simple dosa

Dosa is a very popular south indian dish. You can find it in any part of south india. With dosa we can make so many magics.There are hundreds of different types of dosa's are present most popular are onion dosa,masala dosa,paneer dosa,egg dosa,rava dosa,paper dosa.....etc. Like this lot of varieties are present. The speciality of dosa is it gives great taste with any ingrediant add to it.

Preparation of dosa is very easy. All you have to do is soaking the rice and urad dal,fenugreek seeds for over night.Then grind it by adding little water.If you are trying it for first time make sure the dosa pan is heated to right temperature,then only dosa will get spread easily.otherwise it will stuck to pan.And gets difficult make dosa.

For this i use one technique,i put it in very high flame,sprinkle little oil and spread it with onion evenly on pan. Onion should be cut at one end appear like flat surface,sothat oil will spread evenly. When it gets heated sprinkle little water,when water evaporates pour dosa with garita like shown in pic.

  • 2cups rice 
  • 1cup urad dal
  • 1tsp fenugreek seeds
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2spn baking soda
  • oil 

  1. Soak rice,urad dal,fenugreek seeds for overnight.
  2. take a blender or grinder add all the ingrediants with little water,blend it well..You will get a fine batter.
  3. If the batter is too thick add some more water. add salt and baking soda to it.
  4. Heat the pan,spread little oil,rub it to whole pan with onion.
  5. pour dosa batter and spread it with utensil.spread little oil on it.
  6. Take out dosa to serving plate,serve hot with chutney or sambar.

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