Friday, October 14, 2011

ragi oats dosa

Ragi and oats are rich in fiber and nutrition. These two are healthy ingrediants and gives great taste. this is simple and easy to make. Instantly prepared and served.
Preparation of ragi oats dosa is easy. just mix ragi flour,curd,oats,salt and soda mix it. Keep for 10min, then pour and make dosa. If you want it to be spicy add green chillies ,curry leaves,coriander leaves to it.
  • 1cup oats
  • 1cup curd
  • 1/2cup ragiflour
  • salt to taste
  • baking soda(optional)
  • 2tsp oil


    1. mix all the ingrediants except oil in a bowl set aside for 10min.The batter should be not too thick or thin. iIf it is thin add ragi flour,if it is thick add little water to it.
    2. heat the pan,pour the big spoon of batter and spread it roundly with laddle.spread little oil
    3. flip another side and fry it.take into serving plate.serve with any chutney or sauce.


    julie said...

    Nutritious and healthy combo..Perfect breakfast!!

    khushi said...

    a very new send it tot the event
    Event: Kerala Kitchen

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