Monday, June 27, 2011

oats kheer or payasam

Today i am going to show a sweet recipe but this would definetely like people who are following diet also.
Bcoz this is low calorie dish and it can be made easitly within 10-15mins.It is best to serve to guests quickly.


  • 1cup Oats
  • 1cup skimmed or toned milk
  • 200gm condensed milk
  • cashew nuts
  • kissmiss
  • ghee
  1. Add milk to pan,let it come to boil stage. When it come to boil,add oats,stir continuously so that no lumps could get formed. after 3-4mins add condensed milk.let it cook for another 2mins. If you want more sweet add 2-3tsp suger otherwise no need bcoz condensed milk itself contains sugar.
  2. add 1sp ghee and garnish with cashew or kissmiss of your choice. oats kheer or payasam is ready to eat.

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